Giving back

our community impact

At Eb and Flo, our ethos of empowerment extends beyond our handpicked collections to the heart of community involvement and giving. Nestled in the sun-kissed beaches of Florida, we represent more than a fashion brand; we are a symbol of unity and community support. Each piece we showcase is selected with a dedication to not only enhance individual style but also to make a meaningful contribution to society. On this page, we reveal the story of our community engagement—a tale woven together with our customers, reflecting our united journey for change and the significant impact of our collective actions. Welcome to the core of Eb and Flo's Community Impact.

Current and Ongoing Initiatives

As a proud Florida-based brand, Eb and Flo has forged a meaningful partnership with the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation, reflecting our commitment to the community and causes that resonate with our story. Since our inception in 2020, we've embraced this partnership as a core element of our identity—because breast cancer has personally touched the lives of our team members and their families.

We've made this mission part of our ethos: not only to dress with style but to weave compassion into every action. Hence, every October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we open our hearts and our checkout to donations, directly supporting those affected by breast cancer. This initiative allows our customers to join us in our support, creating a ripple of kindness through every purchase.

This cause is not just an annual event for us; it's a reflection of our ongoing dedication to enriching lives. We believe in fashion with a purpose, dressing with intention, and impacting lives with the generosity that extends far beyond clothing. We invite you to become a part of this heartfelt journey, ensuring that together, we can make a difference that lasts well beyond the month of October.