About Us

We are a Florida-based boutique that believes fashion should never come at the cost of comfort or fit. We know how hard it is to find clothing that’s both on-trend and comfortable when you’re always on the go. That’s why we offer the latest and greatest styles that seamlessly fit into your busy lifestyle.

Each collection is carefully curated to make you feel happy, confident, and empowered, without compromising on ease of wear.

We're all about celebrating confidence while embracing individuality so whether you’re heading to bottomless brunch or the virtual boardroom you can slay all day and feel amazing doing it!

Not only are we curvy girl friendly (thick thighs, big booty, or anything in between) but we are inclusive for any woman who wants clothing that makes them look as good as it feels to wear.

Our customer’s favorite items include chic matching sets, stretchy, high-waisted jeans and anything and everything that’s on-trend and made with comfortable, high-quality materials. We're here to help you look and feel your best so that you can conquer the day with style and confidence!

What we really care about

COMFORT: Your comfort is our priority. Scratchy fabrics and tight clothes that make you want to rip them off? Not our style. We offer only the coziest pieces, made with buttery soft, and stretchy fabrics that move with you and feel amazing all day (or night!) long.

STYLE: We like to keep you looking stylish and on-trend, no matter where life takes you. With our items, you can run errands, hit up happy hour, or simply relax at home, all while looking absolutely fabulous.

FIT: Fit is everything to us. We know that every BODY is unique, so we make sure that our clothes fit like a glove and make you feel confident and comfortable while accentuating your best assets.

Our Future

Our vision is to create a world where fashion is truly for everyone, regardless of size or shape. We're committed to becoming a leader in sustainable and ethical fashion, and we strive to offer a range of products that are not only stylish and comfortable but also kind to the planet. We believe that fashion has the power to make a positive impact on people's lives, and we're dedicated to using that power to make a difference. Our goal is to inspire our customers to feel confident and empowered, while also promoting sustainability and inclusivity in the fashion industry.


"Ebb and Flow"

  • The two phases of the tide or any similar movement of water. The Ebb is the outgoing phase, when the water drains away from the shore ; and the flow is the incoming phase when water rises again
  • The give and take of life. Take the good with the bad, do you, and keep it pushing.