About Us

Hey girllll,

It's Ebony and I am the CEO of Eb and Flo. After years of planning I launched Eb and Flo in July 2020 (July 31 to be exact). My mission is to empower entrepreneurial women through their style. I grew up in a time where being #thick was not in style. Now that it is, I noticed a lot of brands were catering to the BBL's, tummy tucks and the list goes on. There's nothing wrong with that, in fact, I'm a huge believer in doing what makes you feel your best. But us tall girls, short girls, the ladies with cellulite, big booties, thick thighs, and yes, fupas are still out here!  

I know what it's like to shop for hours to find the perfect outfit only to hate how it looks on your body. I also know that feeling of looking good and in turn having the confidence to take over the world which is why Eb and Flo provides items with the future CEO in mind. I spend a lot of time handpicking styles with consideration for various body types as well as recognizing that as an entrepreneur it's important to stand out and feel CONFIDENT. With that being said, I ensure that Eb and Flo carries the most exclusive pieces that you won't see everywhere else.

Eb and Flo is the online destination for the woman in charge to shop fashion forward and figure flattering apparel.

We make you look good and feel CONFIDENT because a woman with CONFIDENCE can take over the world.


    We Provide Styles For

    The women in charge, the rich and unemployed, the women living their best lives and getting into their bag. We believe in living out your vision board and spoiling yourself any chance you get. Looking good while doing it is the icing on the cake...